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Professor Huang Zhonglian Gave Virtual Lecture for School of Foreign Languages, JUFE

On June 21, 2022, Professor Huang Zhonglian was invited to lecture at Tencent Meeting for the School of Foreign Languages, JUFE on the topic of Learning coordinate system and academic independence - Taking Translation Study as an Example.

The lecture was presided by Du Jingping, vice Dean of the School of Foreign Languages. More than 180 participants, including Dean Zhang Xifeng, vice Dean Tu Niangen and Zhang Shanjun, teachers and students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, and teachers and students from other universities attended the lecture.

To begin with, Professor Huang Zhonglian introduced the concepof the learning coordinate system. It is suggested that we should visualize our thought and establish our own learning coordinate system. Each quadrant on the Cartesian coordinate system represents different characters, showing the size, nature, and mode are different in each field of research. The positive and negative of x- and y-axes symbolize our advantages and disadvantages. We should find our goal and strive for it by realizing our strengths and weaknesses. Prof. Huang said. As for the postgraduates, they should build up our coordinate system with reading and research; for teachers, teaching and research.

   Furthermore, Prof. Huang regards that the language is magnificent. Without it, there is no literature, culture, let alone intercultural communication. In light of the learning coordinate system based on the translation study, MTI students can find their direction and make the first step towards the research. After that, they ought to form academic base by deepening research.

At the end of the lecture, the teachers and students of the School of Foreign Languages asked questions actively. Prof. Huang proposed that small things should be noticed, which can form a macroscopic view gradually.

While commenting the lecture, vice Dean Du Jingping summarized the function of the learning coordinate system as a tool for teachers and students to find research field and illustrate the relationship between translation studies and other relevant disciplines.

Finally, Dean Zhang Xifeng and vice Dean Du Jingping, expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Professor Huang Zhonglian for his wonderful speech and sincerely invited him to visit JUFE.

By Zhi Zhangyue, Du Jingping, and Li Kewei