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A Unique and Lively Online Party

In order to enrich the spiritual life and promote the mental health of students during the lockdown of Covid-19, Ms. Fan Ping and her students from Business English Class 202 recently organized an online party on the theme of “Hello, Youth” together. The students participated with great enthusiasm, which made the party a great success.


The evening party was performed by each dormitory through the Tencent video conferencing. Zhou Nan, a commissary in charge of organization, presided the party and designed a beautiful program list on PPT. With the chorus of male and female, the party started. Accompanied by popular music and energetic dancing, the atmosphere of the party reached its climax when the monitor Huang Bi led her roommates to perform hip hop. Other students gently played the guitar and ukulele, emitting melodious and cheerful pieces. The vivid and interesting parody of Empresses in the palace, taekwondo, prose recitation and English cartoon dubbing brought the party to one climax after another. The whole party was full of laughter and students interacted actively online. Finally, with a delicate class photos show made by Ms. Fan Ping, the party came to an end. Immersed in lively communication and wonderful performances, the students had a warm and pleasant evening.

 “The party was unique and lively; vigorous and full of joy!” “The party gave the students a special class and a stage to show their talents.” “We will eventually meet each other face to face, walk under the sun leisurely, enjoy the fragrance of gardenias, and leave one and one footprint of youth.” Zhan Ruochen, Wang Haiding and other students gave comments to express their feelings. Let's all look forward to the coming victory against the epidemic!

By Wan Birou, Du Jingping, and Gong Renyu