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JUFE Foreign Teacher Interviewed by Xinhua News Agency

Suzuki Takahashi, a Japanese teacher of JUFE, was interviewed by Xinhua News Agency recently. In the interview with Xinhua News Agency's Global Connection program, Mr. Takahashi shared his understanding of the Communist Party of China's people-centered governance philosophy based on his experience in China for more than four years. Up to today, the current number of views has reached nearly 1.5 million.


Also, Mr. Takahashi shared his views on the first centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China(CPC) and its achievements. Amazed by the effectiveness of China's pandemic prevention and control since the outbreak of the epidemic, he said that he rests assured in China and that is attributed to the core leadership and cohesiveness of the CPC.


All localities and departments are doing their utmost to prevent and control the pandemic, which has given precious time and provided valuable experience for other countries. He praised our JUFE’s rigorous epidemic prevention and control, and the orderly arrangement of vaccination and nucleic acid testing. In addition, he has also been impressed by the CPC’s resolve to crack down corruption and the effect since the 18th National Congress of the CPC.