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Profess Weng Fengxiang Gave Virtual Lecture for School of Foreign Languages, JUFE

On June 22, 2022, Professor Weng Fengxiang was invited to give an academic lecture entitled Research on Strategies of Improving the Competitiveness of Foreign Language Teachers in the Context of Economic Globalization and Digital Economy-- A case study of Business English Teacher”.

The lecture was held through the Tencent Conference Platform, and was presided by Zhang Xifeng, dean of the School of Foreign Languages. Besides, vice deans Du Jingping, Tu Niangen, Zhang Shanjun, and other teachers and students all attended this lecture.

Professor Weng firstly illustrated why foreign teachers encountered career crisis and made an in-depth analysis about these causes, such as economic globalization, digital economy and new liberal arts strategies. He analyzed the competitiveness of foreign teachers through “Four Words” of business practice marketing management, and explained the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the English language and literature major. In addition, he also illustrated the causes for lower competitiveness of foreign teachers in terms of translation materials, the development of digital economy, the improved ability of non-professionals, insufficient compound knowledge and the comprehensive English proficiency of teachers. Subsequently, Professor Weng put forward strategies with focus on enhancing the competitiveness of business English teachers, which can be generalized as “No competition, no pressure; no pressure, no progress”. Besides, it is a must to keep in mind the USP (Unique selling proposition) strategy to master some knowledge relevant to business English majors and disciplines, economic globalization and digital economy, new liberal arts strategies, unique business English teaching methods and academic researches, thus improving the demand rate.

Finally, the market demand for pure foreign language talents has decreased, and the

competitiveness of foreign language teachers has declined. Therefore, Professor Wengbelieves that the competitiveness of foreign language teachers needs to keep pace with the times, and English teachers need to pay attention to the way of improving competitiveness is which is reflected in the multiplicity and quality of English and business.

Zhang Xifeng, dean of the school of Foreign Languages, expressed her heartfelt thanks to Professor Weng for his wonderful speech and summarized the academic lecture, believing that the content of the lecture revolved around several keywords. The first key word is crisis, the second key word is accommodation, or complex, or inter-discipline, and the third word is change. It means we should keep up with the country’s economic development strategies and enhance self-competitiveness through innovation and changes.

                           By Zhi Zhangyue, Du Jingping, and Yang Xue