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The Finals of the Second Jiangxi Provincial Practical English Contest for College Students Held in JUFE

On December 12th, the second Jiangxi “Yanxing Cup” Practical English Contest for College Students, sponsored by the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education and jointly organized by JUFE and Beijing Yanxing International Education, concluded in JUFE. 323 undergraduates from 66 universities participated in the semi-finals, and 60 undergraduates and 40 junior college students entered the finals. 6 students from the School of Foreign Languages of JUFE made excellent achievements, including 4 students who won the first prize with ranking 1st, 3rd, 6th and 7th respectively, and 2 students who won the second prize. As a result, JUFE ranked the first in the total score.

The award ceremony was held on the afternoon of the same day. Professor Liu Xiaoli (Vice President of JUFE), Professor Lu Renshun (Party Secretary of Nanchang Vocational University), Mr. Xiao Dezheng (Director of the Higher Education Division of the Provincial Department of Education), Professor Kuang Xinhua (President of the Provincial Foreign Languages Association), Professor Yu Hongying (Vice President of the Provincial Foreign Languages Association), Professor Liao Guoqiong (Director of the Teaching Affairs Office of JUFE), Mr. Mei Xiaoan (Dean of Entrepreneurship Education School), Ms. Zhang Xiaoyan (President of Beijing Yanxing International Education), Mr. Tu Yuanwu (Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Foreign Languages), and representatives of other universities attended the ceremony. The ceremony was host by Professor Zhang Xifeng, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages and team leaders and winning teachers and students attended the award ceremony.

On behalf of JUFE, Liu Xiaoli extended a warm welcome to the leaders, experts, teachers and students who participated the award ceremony, expressed heartfelt gratitude to all the contestants and sincere congratulations to the students and instructors who achieved excellent results. She said that it was all the participants that made a wonderful competition. The fair judgments of the judges, the calmness of the contestants and the civilized qualities demonstrated by the teachers and students at JUFE left us with beautiful memories. She also pointed out that this grand award ceremony will surely encourage other colleges to participate in this contest. Beyond that, the vision of promoting learning, competition and improving by competition was achieved through this competition, which will eventually further promote the teaching and learning of foreign languages in universities in Jiangxi province.

Professor Lu Renshun made wonderful comments on this competition. He affirmed the brilliant performance of the contestants who showed the great demeanor of Jiangxi province and was moved by the professional judgment and meticulous working attitude of the judges and teachers. He also said that the contestants showed their self-confidence and great outlook in the speaking competition, but they also need to pay more attention to the five dimensions in the oral expression: articulation, accuracy, fluency, idiomaticity and authenticity. Finally, he hoped that the contestants can continue to practice English in the future study to improve their oral English ability.


On behalf of the Education Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Department of Education, Mr. Xiao Dezheng fully affirmed the excellent outcome of this competition, and expressed his sincere gratitude to JUFE for the meticulous organization, careful arrangement, concerted cooperation and hard work in the competition. He pointed out that the purpose of organizing this competition is to further cultivate innovative talents, broaden the cultivation methods, promote the reform of college English teaching, and improve the educational model for cultivating interdisciplinary and international talents. Mr. Xiao hoped that participating universities would take this opportunity to learn from each other's strengths, explore new ways of college English teaching, and continuously promote the quality of college English teaching in Jiangxi province.

On behalf of the Provincial Association of Foreign Languages, Professor Kuang Xinhua expressed warm congratulations to the award-winning students, and expressed sincere gratitude to the Provincial Department of Education for providing a platform and opportunity for college students to demonstrate their English application ability and to JUFE for their hard work in this competition. He pointed out that learning through competition would expand the cultivation ways for teachers, and teaching through competition would continue to promote the internationalization of English education in Jiangxi province. The entire competition was orderly and relaxed and contestants demonstrated their style and ability well in the transparent and fair competition.

The contest produced 16 first prizes, 20 second prizes, and 24 third prizes in the undergraduate group, and 11 first prizes, 13 second prizes, and 16 third prizes in the junior college group, with a total of 27 outstanding instructor awards.