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JUFE Students Won Multiple Prizes in the 2021 "FLTRP · ETIC Cup" Contest (Jiangxi)

  Thesemi-finalsofthe2021FLTRP ETIC Cupnational English speech contest, writing contest and readingcontest(Jiangxi)were held online from November 6th to14th.Under the guidance of teachers, JUFE students have made excellent achievements. Wu Qi, a senior majoring inBusinessEnglish, won the grand prizeinthereading contest (tutored by Li Hongyan), thus qualifying hertorepresent the Jiangxi Division to participate in the finals of the National English Reading Contest inDecember.Li Qingyang,afirst-yearpostgraduatestudentofAccounting, won the first prizeinthereading contest (tutored by ZhangShanjun).

  Wu Hao, aseniormajoring in International Economy and Trade, won the first prize in the speech contest (tutored by Zhang Jianli). Han Qi, a junior majoring in Financial Engineering, won the first prize in the speech contest (tutored by Zeng Wenjun). On November 23, Wu Xiaorun, a junior majoring inTaxation, won thegrandprize in the national speech online contest (tutored by Huang li), and advanced to the national finals inDecember.

  Li Kevin, a junior majoring inAccounting, won the first prize inthewriting contest (tutored by Zhan Yan). Zheng Wenji, a junior majoring inEconomics, won the first prize inthewriting contest (tutored by Zhang Jianli).

  Withfull enthusiasm andexcellentperformance, they created an unprecedented success for our school!Inthe semi-finals oftheFLTRP ETICCup in Jiangxiprovince,thestudentswere thoughtful and eloquent in speech, writing, andreadingcontest,showing the new generation of college studentswithdevotionto family and country andtheirglobal perspective, andrepresentingtheirexcellent comprehensive qualities in terms of speakingEnglishfreelyto clarifyopinions, shareideas, and solveproblems.

  The national English speech, writing, reading contest of the 2021 FLTRP ETIC Cup, a platform showing college students’ talents andwisdomfrom Jiangxi province,will witness the outstanding achievementsofforeign language education in Chinese universities andwillbecome apromoter andparticipanttoreform andinnovateforeign language teaching in China.