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The Fifth Expert Forum of Foreign Language Teaching and Research Held in JUFE

On October 30th and 31st, JUFE has witnessed the grand opening of the 5th National Expert Forum for Foreign Language Teaching and Research and the Editorial Board Conference for the academic journal. Over 40 experts from the Editorial Board of Foreign LanguageTeaching and Research, representatives from universities and research institutes joined the conference. Professor Wang Xiaoping, Vice President of JXUFE, and Professor Wang Wenbin, Assistant Principal of Beijing Normal University, delivered the opening speeches.

Themes for discussion include: 1) academic research for foreign languages: from reality description to theoretical construction; 2) suggestions and new developments for the foreign language discipline in the new information age; 3) the development of foreign language discipline: challenges and opportunities. The whole conference has been divided into two parts: linguistics and applied linguistics. Both parts have well-known professors delivering keynote speeches, including Professors Chen Xinren, Cheng Xiaotang, Huang Guowen, Liu Zhengguang,Ran Yongping, Wang Mingyu, Wang Wenbin, Wen Xu, Xu Shenghuan, Xu Yulong, ZhouLiuxi. For linguistics, professors Cai Yongliang, ChangJunyue, Dong Yanping, Hu Kaibao, Liang Qiyi, Shu Dingfang, Wang Kefei, WenQiufang, Xu Jun, and Yang Zhong are invited for delivering their speeches.

Professor Wang Kefei, the Chief Editor for Foreign Language Teaching and Research gave an annual work report, which includes three parts: progress made, problems faced, and thoughts for further development. During the discussion among editorial board members,experts and professors have valuable contributions to topics above.

Professor Wang also summarized this conference, extending his gratitude to experts and editorial members, and especially expressed his sincere thanks to the support of JXUFE and the dedication of staff in the School of Foreign Languages.