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Lecture by Professor Wang Kefei from Beijing Foreign Studies University

On November 2nd, 2015, lecturers and professors filled the conference room to attend the lecture delivered by Prof. Wang Kefei, a PhD. Supervisor from Beijing Foreign Studies University and also the Chief Editor of Foreign Language Teaching and Research. The lecture with a theme of the cultivation of high-level cultural sensibility was hosted by the Dean, Ye Weihua.

This year marks the centennial of Xu Guozhang’s birth,the renowned educator of English teaching. As one of Xu’s students, Professor Wang recalled his memory of Xu’s care for students. His three stories revealed how Xu taught his students―interest breeding curiosity and progression.

In addition, Prof. Wang requested PPD (Passion, Probe and Diligence) for teachers' pursuing academic progress. Cultivate the cultural sensibility daily and follow the “six requirements of writing”: pick a right topic, enrich the materials, observe attentively, approach creatively, think and consider deeply, and argue prepared.

Professor Wang impressed both students and teachers of the school. Prof. Wang concluded the speech by quoting Lu Xun’s words “Look into oneself and then you know what are the people around, pay attention to the surroundings that you know who you are.” In the end, Prof. Wang wished a bright future for the audience.